Australia: Introduction

My friend and business partner, John Lunt, has just returned from an outstanding trek around the world.  As we’ve discussed his experience, it is clear the objectives of our Investment Trek have been met and  it has exceeded our expectations thus far.  John has gained incredibly valuable insights about cultures, economies, and the investment climate in 10 different countries.  He has shared these insights through blogs, meeting notes, summary videos, and e-mail updates.  I hope you’ve enjoyed John’s updates as much as we have at Lunt Capital.  If you missed a blog post or two, I hope you’ll feel welcome to review the outstanding body of work John produced while abroad.

The Investment Trek now continues with a second journey around the globe.  I will visit different countries, participate in different meetings, and have different experiences… but the general format and objectives of our Investment Trek will be the same.  I anticipate the second round will be just as informative and fascinating as the first round.  As John did as he traveled, I will be posting my thoughts and perspectives as I go.  John set an impossibly high bar for content quality and quantity in his reporting from around the globe… but those familiar with John would expect nothing less.

Sydney Opera House

Round two of the trek begins in the great land down under – Australia.  It’s not too difficult to get excited about visiting Australia, but my enthusiasm is magnified by the fact that I’m returning to a country I know and love.  I lived throughout Queensland, Australia for two years in the early 90’s and have been a huge fan of the Aussies ever since.  My stint in Australia in the 90’s was not business related, so I welcome the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the economy, financial markets, and investment climate of this place I once called home.

My meetings in Australia include discussions with representatives from the Australian Securities Exchange, the central bank, ETF providers, and global data/research firms.  To keep me on my toes (and to beat the clock before everyone heads home for the weekend), I’m meeting with all four of these groups in a single Friday… and just a few hours after arriving in Sydney after “enjoying” the 15+ hour flight across the Pacific Ocean.  I’m optimistic (and perhaps naïve) enough to believe everything will come together as planned.  If that isn’t the case, at least there will be a few memorable stories to share about “that time” I passed out at the exchange or made some outrageous gaffe regarding monetary policy to the folks responsible for setting the policy.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a great day of insightful meetings.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hope you’ll find them useful.  Regardless of my positive, personal sentiment for Australia, when it comes to investing, Lunt Capital employs a rigorous, objective, rules-based process to analyze, evaluate, and ultimately establish positions in international investment opportunities.  Our adaptive, tactical approach enables us to rotate among asset classes, sectors, countries, and factors.  The depth and breadth of ETFs now available which provide these specific exposures enable us to make investment ideas a reality.  It’s an exciting time to be investing and an especially exciting time to utilize a rigorous, repeatable approach for global investing.  Let round two of the trek begin!