UK: S&P Dow Jones Indices

Canary Wharf is an impressive part of London—the towering skyscrapers carry the global brand names of finance.  It was not a surprise that S&P Dow Jones would have its offices in Canary Wharf among these global financial titans.  I met with Marius Baumann, Vice President of Global Custom Indices.  As you probably know, S&P Dow Jones is the calculation agent for eight indices created by Lunt Capital Management, Inc.  Marius was incredibly generous with his time, and our discussion highlighted to me the incredibly valuable role played by an independent index provider such as S&P Dow Jones. 

Marius Baumann and John Lunt

This company plays a critical role in the evolution of ETFs and index-based structured products.  The value of an independent calculation agent is essential in order to create confidence in rules-based approaches to investing.  This encompasses traditional, market-cap weighted indices, but is just as important in the growing “smart beta” strategies.

S&P Dow Jones has tremendous resources for financial professionals.  It is worth visiting their website.   You can learn more about Lunt Capital’s relationship with S&P Dow Jones by clicking the following links:

We would be remiss if we failed to recognize the remarkable team at S&P:  Michael Mell, Reid Steadman, Shaun Wurzbach, Tony Courtney, Ed Ware, Lisa Morrone, and many others.

S&P Dow Jones thinks globally.  We think that this is a critical mindset for investing in the future.

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Special thanks to Brennan Staheli, Daniel Doxey, and the Lunt Capital team for their contributions to this report.