ETF Investors: The Real Action is Beneath the Surface | ETF Trends

A few years ago, we took our children snorkeling off the Florida Keys.  We told them about the beauty and diversity of sea life that they should expect to see. They were bursting with anticipation as we rode in the boat out to the reef. Their surprise was visible as the boat stopped.  The location looked no different than the expanse of ocean we had spent the last several minutes riding through...

Tactical ETF Strategies Have Transformed Investing | ETF Trends

Diversification has become an accepted, foundational principle for constructing investment portfolios. In many cases, discussion around diversification centers on incorporating multiple asset classes into an investment portfolio in order to enhance the overall risk/return profile.

In our view, strategy diversification is an additional, important investment tool for constructing portfolios. Investors of all sizes are recognizing the value of combining strategic allocations with tactical management. Some within the financial industry mistakenly suggest it is an “either-or” investment world. That is, investors must either choose passive, strategic allocations or they must choose active, tactical allocations. This is a false choice. 

ETF Investing in the World of the Impossible and Inevitable | ETF Trends

Sports, like investing, often invoke definitive pronouncements that a victory for a certain team is “impossible” while victory for another team is “inevitable.” A championship in Cleveland has spent more than a generation in the “impossible” category.  In fact, ESPN debuted a film in May 2016 that included the following description: “Of all American cities that have at least three major sports franchises, Cleveland is the only one that has failed to win a championship in the last half-century. Those sports teams, and the hearts they’ve broken over and over again, have inspired a different name for the city, and the title for this 30 for 30 film: ‘Believeland’.”

Asking and Answering the Right Questions for Your ETF Portfolio | ETF Trends

Recently I had the opportunity to talk about asset allocation with a talented financial advisor. We discussed ideas about combining asset classes and strategies in the optimal way to meet the needs of his clients. As we reviewed whether a particular exchange traded fund (ETF) strategy would be appropriate, I asked him, “What question do you expect this ETF strategy to answer?” 

Was the strategy trying to answer question one: “Should the portfolio be in the asset class or not right now?”  or was the strategy trying to answer question two: “What segment or sub-component of the asset class should the portfolio be in right now?”

Picking the Right Club for the Next Shot in ETFs | ETF Trends

Recently I heard an interview with retired professional golfer Jack Nicklaus. He talked about how technological advances in golf equipment has made a positive difference for today’s players.

Unfortunately, new golf equipment has done little to advance my golf game.

After purchasing a new driver, my slice off the tee remained. Clearly, better equipment and tools in the hands of golf experts has the potential to add distance and accuracy. This same equipment in the hands of an occasional golfer makes less difference...

March Madness: What Investors Can Learn From Picking Brackets | ETF Trends

The month of March brings the focus of the sport’s world on college basketball’s “March Madness.”

The upsets, the drama, and the buzzer-beaters during the NCAA basketball tournament capture the imagination of even the casual fan.

Filling out, comparing, and bragging about tournament brackets dominate conversations around the water cooler for weeks. There are a variety of strategies that go into completing a tournament bracket...

Have ETF Investors Misjudged the Influence of Central Banks? | ETF Trends

During the summer of 2015, Lunt Capital circled the globe twice, visiting more than 20 countries over the course of 100 days on a global due diligence tour we calledInvestment Trek.  During our travels, we met with money managers, ETF providers, central bankers, leaders of stock exchanges, and government officials.  We had more than 60 official meetings, with dozens more unofficial meetings that often provided the most valuable insights (Our Investment Trek Blog recaps each official meeting).  Many themes emerged, but one theme seemed to stand out...