Picking the Right Club for the Next Shot in ETFs | ETF Trends

Recently I heard an interview with retired professional golfer Jack Nicklaus. He talked about how technological advances in golf equipment has made a positive difference for today’s players.

Unfortunately, new golf equipment has done little to advance my golf game.

After purchasing a new driver, my slice off the tee remained. Clearly, better equipment and tools in the hands of golf experts has the potential to add distance and accuracy. This same equipment in the hands of an occasional golfer makes less difference.

Advances in investment tools in the form of ETFs is a “game changer,” with the potential to add distance and accuracy to investment returns.

However, just as a golfer with poor technique sees little benefit from a new driver, an investor that does not know how to properly use a specific ETF may not see “game changing” results. Today’s investor has far more than 14 clubs in his golf bag. He or she has the choice of more than a thousand targeted, transparent, and traded ETFs...