INDIA at-A-Glance

  • GDP (Dec 2013): $1.877 trillion (ranked 10th in the world), GDP Per Capita: $1,170

  • Market Value of Publicly Traded Shares (Dec 2013): $1.263 trillion (rank: 13)

  • Inflation (Apr 2015): 4.87%

  • Unemployment Rate (Dec 2013): 4.9%

  • Labor Force (2013): 487.3 million (rank: 2)

  • Population (Dec 2014): 1.239 billion, Pop. Growth Rate (2014): 1.25% (rank: 94)

  • Life Expectancy at Birth (2014): 67.8 years (rank: 163)

  • Tax Rates (Jan 2015): Corporate: 35%, Personal Income: 34%

  • Area: 3,287,263 sq km, slightly more than one third of the US

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Bombay Stock Exchange

John Lunt recaps his meeting with Piyush Chourasia and Chetan Pithadia of the Bombay Stock Exchange. John discusses how Prime Minister Modi's recent election has influenced India's financial markets. (1:58)

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Reserve Bank of India

Watch as John Lunt summarizes his findings from the Reserve Bank of India. Learn how the policies of the Reserve Bank of India are impacting India's economy and financial markets. (2:58)

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Gateway House

Click on the image to the left to learn more about the members of the Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations. Bios and recent publications are shown for each member John Lunt met with.

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New Delhi Summary

Watch Ryan Hessenthaler from the India Gate in New Delhi summarize his meetings with investment managers, government officials and investment bankers. See how the pro-development and anti-corruption stance in India is transforming the country. (3:15)

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INDIA Photos - Mumbai

India Photos - New Delhi

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