Japan At-A-Glance

  • GDP (Dec 2013): $4.901 trillion (ranked 3rd in world), GDP Per Capita: $37,400

  • Market Value of Publicly Traded Shares: $3.681 trillion (rank: 4)

  • Inflation (consumer prices, April 2015): 0.6%

  • Unemployment Rate (April 2015): 3.3%

  • Labor Force (2013): 65.62 million (rank: 9)

  • Population (Dec 2014): 127 million, Pop. Growth Rate: -0.13% (rank: 210)

  • Life Expectancy at Birth (2014): 84.46 years (rank: 3)

  • Tax Rates (Jan 2015): Corporate: 33%, Personal Income: 51%

  • Area: 377,915 sq km, slightly smaller than California

Sources include: imf.org, worldbank.org, cia.gov, ifitweremyhome.com, tradingeconomics.com


Country size comparison: Japan v. USA

Japan Video Summaries

State Street Global Advisors

Watch John Lunt's summary of his meeting with M. Sugihara, H. Takahashi, N. Kawachi, and M. Tobita of SSgA Japan.  Listen to some of the insights learned about the Japanese ETF market and how the Bank of Japan's policies are impacting financial markets. (2:05)

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DZH Financial Research

Watch John Lunt's summary of his meeting with Fumitaka Noguchi, Senior Analyst and ETF Executive Adviser at DZH Financial Research in Tokyo.  John's insights include Japan's monetary policy and its effect on GDP and Japanese corporate profitability. (2:23)

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Tokyo Stock Exchange

Watch John Lunt's summary of his meeting with Shun Takato and Goki Sakaguchi at TSE.  John highlights the recent, increased enthusiasm for Japanese equities and the continued effects of accommodative monetary policies on Japanese financial markets. (2:40)

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Bank of Japan

Watch John Lunt's summary of his meeting with Shinji Isaki.  John notes his meetings in Japan have all led him to BOJ and a deeper understanding of the three-pronged approach directed by Shinzo Abe.  John notes how Japan uses monetary policy to combat inflation. (2:08)

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