South Korea At-a-Glance

  • GDP (Dec 2013): $1.305 trillion (ranked 13th in world), GDP Per Capita: $23,900

  • Market Value of Publicly Traded Shares: $1.068 trillion (rank: 11)

  • Inflation (consumer prices, May 2015): 0.5%

  • Unemployment Rate (April 2015): 3.7%

  • Labor Force (2013): 25.86 million (rank: 25)

  • Population (Dec 2013): 50.2 million, Pop. Growth Rate: 0.16% (rank: 183)

  • Life Expectancy at Birth (2014): 79.8 years (rank: 39)

  • Tax Rates (Jan 2015): Corporate: 24%, Personal Income: 38%

  • Area: 99,720 sq km, slightly smaller than Pennsylvania, slightly larger than Indiana

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Country size comparison: South Korea v. USA

Country size comparison: South Korea v. USA

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Korea Stock Exchange

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Bank of Korea

Watch John Lunt summarize his visit to the Bank of Korea. See how the policies of the Bank of Korea impact Korean financial markets and how the relative value of the Korean Won compared to other currencies impacts imports and exports. (3:11)

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