Malaysia At-a-Glance

  • GDP (Dec 2013): $312 billion (ranked 36th in the world) GDP Per Capita: $6,990

  • Market Value of Publicly Traded Shares (2012): $476.3 billion (rank: 23)

  • Inflation Rate (May 2015): 2.1%

  • Unemployment Rate (Apr 2015) 3%

  • Labor Force (2013): 13.19 million (rank: 41)

  • Population (Dec 2014): 30.4 million Pop. Growth Rate: 1.47% (rank: 83)

  • Life Expectancy at Birth (2014): 74.52 years (rank: 110)

  • Tax Rates (Jan 2015): Corporate: 25%, Personal Income Tax: 26%

  • Area: 329,847 sq km, slightly larger than New Mexico

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Country size comparison: Malaysia v. USA

Country size comparison: Malaysia v. USA


Bank Negara Malaysia

Watch Ryan Hessenthaler summarize his meeting with Adrian Wong Yew Chong of Bank Negara Malaysia. Learn how Malaysia's central bank policies differ from other central banks in their use of a dual-banking system. (3:05)

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Bursa Malaysia

Watch as Ryan Hessentahaler summarizes his meeting with Koay Lean Lee and Rasmona Abdul Rahman of Bursa Malaysia. Learn more about Malaysia's market environment and how Islamic rules impact financial policies. (3:43)

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