Financial advisors seeking additional resources for their 7Twelve efforts may subscribe to 7Twelve Partners, an excellent support package offered by Dr. Craig Israelsen (the author and creator of 7Twelve) and Lunt Capital.

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Become a 7Twelve Partner today and enjoy an outstanding, comprehensive support package built to meet the specific needs of innovative, thoughtful financial advisors. Our mission is to help you to get, keep, and grow your advisory business using the widely-regarded 7Twelve methodology as an underlying framework for your investment portfolios.

7Twelve Partners enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Monthly performance dashboards for 7Twelve indices (calculated by S&P Dow Jones) and underlying asset classes
  • Extensive analytics for 7Twelve indices and component asset classes
  • Advisor-focused deep dive webinars hosted by Craig Israelsen and Lunt Capital
  • Client/prospect-ready, white-label (optional) 7Twelve marketing materials
  • Regularly updated mutual fund & ETF tickers to implement 7Twelve portfolios
  • Updated investment research
  • Approved, limited use of the 7Twelve registered trademark
  • Authorized use of 7Twelve-related journal article reprints

For additional details about the many benefits enjoyed by advisors who join 7Twelve Partners, please review the extended descriptions below.


Monthly Performance Dashboards for 7Twelve Indices and Underlying Asset Classes

Advisors who join 7Twelve Partners are provided monthly performance summaries and detailed analytics for the 7Twelve indices and the twelve underlying asset classes.  The summaries and analytics highlight the short-, intermediate-, and long-term behavior of each asset class to assist advisors as you talk with clients during performance reviews or as other questions about the underlying asset classes emerge.  These performance dashboards and analytics help you stay current with the performance and unique characteristics of each asset class.


Advisor-Focused Webinars Hosted by Dr. Craig Israelsen and Lunt Capital

On a regular basis (usually every 4-6 weeks), financial advisors affiliated with 7Twelve Partners have access to a 30-40 minute webinar hosted by Dr. Craig Israelsen and Lunt Capital Management, Inc.  Webinars are dedicated to various aspects of asset allocation, macro market outlook, and specific research aspects related to 7Twelve. These webinars are designed to provide advisors with the timely analysis and discussion needed to stay current with 7Twelve.


Client/Prospect-Ready, White-Labeled Marketing Materials

7Twelve Partners are able to distribute co-branded 7Twelve research reports, 7Twelve marketing materials, and re-prints of industry publications by Dr. Craig Israelsen and/or Lunt Capital.  7Twelve Partners have the option to white-label selected reports, analytics, presentations, and articles with your name and logo to assist in your branding and marketing efforts.  Co-branded materials are subject to the specific compliance requirements of individual financial advisors.


Regularly Updated Mutual Fund & ETF Tickers to Implement 7Twelve

7Twelve Partners are well-versed in the theory and methodology of 7Twelve… but what about actually implementing the approach and selecting or recommending the “right” investment options for your client portfolios?  Partners have access to regularly updated mutual fund and ETF ticker “opportunity sets.”  The tickers included are regularly reviewed and analyzed to help ensure they represent a reasonable way to achieve the desired asset class exposure.


Receive Regularly Updated 7Twelve Research

7Twelve Partners are provided periodic updates of 7Twelve research reports and 7Twelve PowerPoint slide decks.  As favorite tools among advisors for years, these materials may be used in your marketing efforts to help illustrate and explain the core concepts of the 7Twelve methodology and approach.  These  reports include specific information about funds and ETFs that may be utilized in the 7Twelve portfolio.*


Authorized Use of 7Twelve-related Journal Article Reprints

Financial advisors who join 7Twelve Partners are authorized to use the variety of 7Twelve-related journal articles in the marketing and client education efforts.  Publishers of these copyrighted materials have authorized 7Twelve Partners to utilize the re-prints with their clients and prospective clients.  Advisors may use the growing number of articles to help reinforce the overarching purpose and foundation of the 7Twelve approach.*


Approved, Limited Use of the 7Twelve Registered Trademark

Affiliated members of 7Twelve Partners are authorized to use the registered trademark “7Twelve” in their practice and in their marketing efforts.  Proper attribution of the term 7Twelve is required when it is used in materials prepared by financial advisors.  Because “7Twelve” is a widely-recognized brand in the investment industry, 7Twelve Partners are granted specific, limited-use approval to include the term as they find, keep, and grow their 7Twelve-based business.

* As with all materials, this information should be reviewed and approved by your compliance department prior to use.

The details above should provide additional clarity on the rich benefits enjoyed by 7Twelve Partners.

There are, however, a few questions that aren't addressed above, including the price of the subscription and who can sign-up.

  • Price?  The price for this outstanding support package is only $1,200 per year ($100 per month), billed annually or quarterly.
  • Who can sign-up?  You must be a financial advisor to sign-up for 7Twelve Partners.  This advisor support program through Lunt Capital is not available to individual investors.
  • How do I sign-up?  To sign-up for 7Twelve Partners, simply click Sign Up and follow the instructions. Once we have received your payment and executed contract, you will be granted access to the entire 7Twelve Partners Resource Library online.

Current 7Twelve Partners can update account information and view payment history here:

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