Lunt Capital builds and manages innovative, tactical ETF investment strategies for financial advisors and individual investors.

We recognize the tremendous trust associated with managing assets for financial advisors and for individual investors.  We understand what the assets that we manage represent – a future filled with important goals, with financial security, and with legacies of service and giving.  Helping advisors and clients reach these goals requires a global perspective, a disciplined process, and implementation with the appropriate investment tools.

Key elements of our investment approach include:

Global Perspective
A truly global perspective is a competitive advantage when investing.  Perspective comes from embracing both quantitative and qualitative research.  It requires a careful study of history and current conditions.  Perspective facilitates the ability to avoid the deafening market noise that often distracts from reaching long-term goals.

Disciplined Process
We believe that reaching long-term investment objectives requires a repeatable framework for making decisions.  A disciplined process creates a structure to adapt as market conditions change.  This helps prevent emotion from overwhelming optimal decision-making.

Diversified Building Blocks
The opportunity set of investable assets continues to grow.  We begin our investment analysis using a multi-asset, diversified approach.  Diversification includes global breadth (U.S. Equity, International Equity, Real Assets, and Global Bonds) and Asset Class Depth (going deeper into the sub-asset classes and categories).  

Dynamic, Tactical Strategies
Dynamic, tactical strategies can help manage risks and capture opportunities.  We overlay a disciplined, quantitative process on top of both multi-asset and single-asset opportunity sets.  This creates the ability to rotate within an asset class, to rotate in or out of an asset class, or to overweight or underweight an asset class.  Tactical strategies can be applied across and within all asset classes and categories.

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Targeted Investment Factors
Tactical management requires an investment opportunity sets with a large dispersion of returns.  We focus on targeted investment factors, including volatility rotation (rotation between high beta and low volatility), sector rotation, and country rotation.  These factors offer some of best opportunities to manage risk and growth opportunities.

Transparent ETFs
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are ideal tools for implementing both strategic and tactical investment solutions.  ETFs are transparent, targeted, and traded.  The transparency of holdings, strategy, and cost within an ETF facilitates proper use when building an investment allocation.

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Lunt Capital manages strategic, dynamic, and tactical strategies for financial advisors and individual investors.  This video provides additional details on our use of ETFs and our tactical approach.  The approach selected by advisors and individuals is determined by several factors, including: risk profile, age, financial objectives, tax considerations, etc.

Our Investment Approach

Provide Institutional Investment Advantages

Sub-Asset Class Diversification

Identify and Exploit Performance Disparities

Consistent, Objective, Repeatable Process

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