Lunt Capital Management, Inc. offers private wealth management services to individuals, companies, trusts, retirement plans, and institutional investors. 

Current Private Wealth Management clients may access their consolidated statements by clicking here →

Lunt Capital's personalized services may include the creation and management of a customized investment allocation.  Private Wealth clients have access to all of Lunt Capital’s investment strategies:

  • Dynamic Conservative
  • Dynamic Moderate
  • Dynamic Aggressive
  • 7Twelve Conservative
  • 7Twelve Moderate
  • 7Twelve Moderately Aggressive
  • Global Momentum or Low Volatility
  • U.S. Large Cap Rotation
  • Global Sectors
  • Select Country Rotation
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Income Opportunities

Investors need a minimum of $500,000 in order to access Lunt Capital’s Private Wealth Management services.

If you are a current or prospective Private Wealth Management client, please complete the form below to set up a meeting with Lunt Capital.

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